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Fall Festival Fun @ Williams Road Baptist Church Oct 2013,



1 Corinthians 1:9 (TLB) (Devotional)

God . . . is the one who invited you into this wonderful friendship with his Son, even Christ our Lord. -1 Corinthians 1:9 (TLB) The question remains, “How can God be just,mdash;that is, true to Himself in nature and true to Himself in holiness,mdash;and yet justify the sinner ” Because each man had to bear his own sins, all mankind was excluded from helping, since each was contaminated with the same disease. The only solution was for an innocent party to volunteer to die physically and spiritually as a substitution before God. This innocent party would have to take man’s judgment, penalty, and death. But where was such an individual Certainly, there was none on earth. There was only one possibility. God’s own Son was the only personality in the universe who had the capacity to bear in His own body the sins of the world. Only God’s Son was infinite and thus able to die for all.

Billy Graham



The Half Eaten Donut

In life God Blesses His children with talents and gifts which we don’t always use for his Glory. God gives us full Blessings that we don’t fully appreciate sometimes. These Blessing may be a healthy baby, a great spouse, a wonderful caring Church, a roof over our heads, food, a job and good health. God gives us opportunities to help people with family issues, their personal salvation, and a sympathetic, caring, compassionate ear concerning their health issues for example. We just have to give just a little of our time. We should always remember that the apple looks good on the outside but sometimes it may have a worm inside! We have to look for the small hole in the apple to see what is really inside. In people we also have to look for that small entrance into their soul. In people that worm may be depression or unhappiness, loneliness, fear, etc; So take time to talk with people and give them a chance to share themselves. “Even the dull and ignorant, they too have their story!” A person’s life may be full of sunshine today but lots of rain tomorrow. They didn’t need you while it was sunny, but now they need you while their life is gloomy and full of rain and full of depression. Don’t leave behind the opportunities that you have been given. Don’t leave anything behind including the half eaten donut!
May God Bless!
Bill Miller


Have a Great Saturday!!


Revelation 1:5 (Devotional)

. . . unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood. -Revelation 1:5 Blood is mentioned 460 times in the Bible. Fourteen times in the New Testament Jesus spoke of His own blood. Why Because by the shedding of His blood, He accomplished the possibility of our salvation. He paid the penalty for our sin and redeemed us. The penalty for our sin and rebellion is death; Jesus stepped out and said, “I’ll take that death.” He voluntarily laid down His life and took the penalty we deserve. That’s what the cross is all about. The blood of Jesus Christ not only redeems us, it justifies us. Being justified means more than being forgiven. I can say, “I forgive you,” but I can’t justify you. But God not only forgives the past, He clothes you in righteousness as though you had never committed a sin. Yet it cost the blood of His Son on the cross. Billy Graham

Today’s Devotion March 22, 2013

    In April 1866, crates of nitroglycerin were shipped to California to aid in blasting through a mountain to create the Summit Tunnel. One of the crates exploded at the Wells Fargo office in San Francisco, killing fifteen people. Nitroglycerin is an effective explosive, but highly unstable. Yet in another form it’s an effective treatment for heart disease and one of the oldest drugs used in the prevention of heart attacks. What power is unleashed when two elements — nitric acid and glycerin — come together! When the Holy Spirit and the Holy Bible combine in a believer’s mind, there’s an explosion of power, and the mixture somehow strengthens our hearts. Ephesians 5:18 tells us to “be filled with the Spirit.” Colossians 3:16 says to “let the Word of Christ dwell in [us] richly.” Both passages promise the same results — singing, thanksgiving, and power in our relationships. These parallel Scriptures suggest there are two active agents working to help us achieve a renewed mind — the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. Combine these dynamic agents in your life today. The Bible without the Holy Spirit is a sundial by moonlight. D. L. Moody