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Quote for Sat January 26, 2013

“The world rings changes, it is never constant but in its disappointments. The world is but a great inn, where we are to stay a night or two, and be gone; what madness is it so to set our heart upon our inn, as to forget our home ” – Thomas Watson Devotional

1 Timothy 4:9,10 (TLB) (Devotional)

We work hard and suffer much in order that people will believe it, for our hope is in the living God who died for all . . . -1 Timothy 4:9,10 (TLB) Our life has its beginning in suffering. Life’s span is marked by pain and tragedy, and our lives terminate with the enemy called death. The person who expects to escape the pangs of suffering and disappointment simply has no knowledge of the Bible , of history, or of life. The master musician knows that suffering precedes glory and acclaim. He knows the hours, days, and months of grueling practice and self-sacrifice that precede the one hour of perfect rendition when his mastership is applauded. The student knows that years of study, privation and self-renunciation precede the triumphant day of graduation and honors. Yes, there are clouds of suffering for each one of us, but God says, “I come to you in the thick dark cloud of suffering,” By faith you can see His blessed face in the storm. God has His plan and purpose in all suffering. Billy Graham

Psalm 146:5 (Devotional)

Happy is he . . . whose hope is in the Lord his God. -Psalm 146:5 Happy is the man who has learned the secret of coming to God in daily prayer. Fifteen minutes alone with God every morning before you start the day can change circumstances and remove mountains! But all of this happiness and all of these unlimited benefits which flow from the storehouse of heaven are contingent upon our relationship to God. Absolute dependency and absolute yieldedness are the conditions of being His child. Only His children are entitled to receive those things that lend themselves to happiness; and in order to be His child, there must be the surrender of the will to Him. Man does not come to know God through works,mdash;he comes to know God by faith, through grace. You cannot work your way toward happiness and heaven, you cannot moralize your way, you cannot reform your way, you cannot buy your way. It comes as a gift of God through Christ. Billy Graham

Quote for Sat January 19, 2013

“For a soul to come to Jesus, is the grandest event in its history.” – Joseph Alleine

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Simpson Devotional – Wednesday, January 16, 2013 (Devotional)

The water in a steam locomotive may be at any one of three temperatures. It may be cold, although clean and ready for the fire. It may be hot, very hot-hot enough to scald you, almost boiling. Or the water may be just one degree hotter-at the boiling point-pouring out its vapor in clouds of steam, pressing through the valves and driving the mighty pistons that turn the wheels and propel the train.There are three kinds of Christians. The first we will call cold-water Christians-perhaps better, clean-water Christians.The second are hot-water Christians. They are almost at the boiling point.One degree more, and we come to the third class of Christians-the boiling-water Christians. The difference between the latter two is a very slight one. It is simply the removal of one last reservation, the dropping of one “if.” Yet it makes all the difference in the world. That one degree changes that engine into a motive power, not now just a machine to be looked at, but a locomotive to go. Simpson Devotional

Habakkuk 3:18 (Devotional)

I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation. -Habakkuk 3:18 Christians are supposed to be happy persons! Our generation has become well versed in Christian terminology, but is remiss in the actual practice of Christ’s principles and teachings. Hence, our greatest need today is not more Christianity but more true Christians. The world can argue against Christianity as an institution, but there is no convincing argument against a person who, through the Spirit of God, has been made Christlike. Such a person is a living rebuke to the selfishness, rationalism, and materialism of the day. Jesus said to the woman at Jacob’s well, “Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst.” This sin-sick, disillusioned woman was the symbol of the whole race. Her longings were our longings! Her heart-cry was our heart-cry! Her disillusionment was our disillusionment! Her sin was our sin! But her Savior can be our Savior! Her forgiveness can be our forgiveness! Her joy can be our joy! Billy Graham

Psalm 27:1 (Devotional)

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear -Psalm 27:1 Today many people are living in the bondage of fear. In a recent study a psychiatrist said that the greatest problem facing his patients was fear. Fear of going insane, committing suicide, being alone, or fear of heart disease, cancer, disaster, or death. We are becoming a nation of fearful people. Down through the centuries in times of trouble, temptation, trial, bereavement, and crisis, God has brought courage to the hearts of those who love Him. The Bible is crowded with assurances of God’s help and comfort in every kind of trouble which might cause fears to arise in the human heart. Today the Christian can come to the Scriptures with full assurance that God is going to deliver the person who puts his trust and confidence in God. Christians can look into the future with promise, hope, and joy, and without fear, discouragement, or despondency. Billy Graham